A Consensus Statement on the Importance of National Material Flow Accounting

August 14th, 2007

Providing for the well-being of a still growing world population within the limits of a finite planet is the key challenge for our future. Physical accounts and derived indicators are indispensable monitoring and analysis tools to understand and manage material flows through our economies. They are necessary for Europe to reach one central goal: to become the most resource and energy efficient region in the world – a region that maintains, rather than liquidates, natural capital.

This Consensus Statement demands to strengthen material flow accounting (MFA) as the core information base for research and policy analysis related to natural resource use and resource productivity, which is vital for sustainability policy, research and communication.

The Statement is signed by a number of research institutions and NGOs, which actively promote the goal of significantly reducing current levels of resource use in Europe and reducing Europe’s Ecological Footprint in the world.

Download the full Consensus Statement here.

If your institution wants to sign the Consensus Statement, click here.

logo_aachen_foundation_75px.jpg The Consensus Statement is one outcome of the project ā€˛Factor X and the European Union”, funded by the Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys, Aachen, Germany.

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